Monday, July 18, 2011


The influx of passengers, aircraft and airlines in Changi Airport ( T1,T2, T3 & Budget Terminal) and number of airplanes in Seletar airport in a day with the exclusion of transit passengers.
(B) The tourism industry and changi airport is a big contributor to the Singapore economy
(C)Without it,we would not know how many commercial airplanes there are.
(D) It is simple and manageable without major financial consequences.  
(E) Because it is not difficult and simple to get the data we need
(F) It is a public place
(G),, are government website and have good and reliable source of information.
(H) Survey and interview

Nicholas Tan
Pey Ruo Song
Malcolm Ang

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  1. Counting the number of people through the Changi Airport may pose a problem in terms of feasibility. The passengers passing through the airport may be locals on holidays. How do you solve this problem?