Monday, July 11, 2011

Bubble tea

  1. How does KOI in clementi affect other bubble tea stalls in it’s vicinity. 
  2. It is focused because we are doing it on the stalls in bubble tea
  3. It is significant because the bubble tea stores see a lot of customers each day
  4. It is feasible because all our group members are able to go to the bubble tea area easily from school
  5. It is manageable because we should be able to compile all the data and we will be able to find spare time to do this.
  6. It is accessible because we all live near Clementi MRT
  7. We can find out the amount of money generated and also after that we can research on what makes bubble tea so popular.
  8. We will try and interview and survey few customers of the stalls and see their views and opinions. We will also count the amount of customers.

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