Monday, July 4, 2011


(A) What is the different between the behavior of a domestic cat and a stray cat?

(B) It is only focusing on cats and the behavior of cats.

(C) We can learn more about cats which we may need in the future.

(D) The information can be easily found from the net and as one of our team member has a domestic cat , we can observe the cat too. And we can find a stray cat too.

(E)The information is assessable through the net and we can observe our team mates domestic cats

(F)it is manageable as the cat belongs to our team member, so we can see it quite easily through the help of him and the internet is also at our reach.

     Theodore(for the observation of domestic cats)

(H)Our way of data collection is ((c) To examine a particular behaviour by using OBSERVATIONS)

Choy Rui Zhi
Ryan Pek

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